When it comes to the art, Presentation in a professional manner counts a lot. I would personally recommend you to present your art in some gallery it can be online or local. Both of them is perfect if you really want to sell your art. If you don’t like to show your art in some gallery then you can you’re your own.

Traffic/ marketing approaches

The next thing that counts a lot is the Traffic or marketing approaches. Regardless of the matter that your painting is really beautiful but you still have to follow the marketing approaches to sell it. You can follow any strategy like online marketing or offline for this purpose. Social media is the effective strategy to market your art but for this purpose you have to take the photos of your painting in a professional manner.

Online marketing;

Apart from the online marketing, business cards is also considered to be the effective way to sell your art. Distribute your business cards among your friends, family and relatives as much as you can. But don’t forget to add some creativity on your cards otherwise no one can look over it.

Online stores;

There are many online stores which permits you to cell your art online, but chances are there that you will get the lower price of your hard work. Bargain is very common on the online stores. Make sure you get the actual price of your hard work and don’t sell it on the cheap rates.


Upgrading your art work;

Art is a creative work and you should upgrade your art skills from time to time. The more your art skills will be improved, the more money you will be earned. Now you have to decide that which thing you need to upgrade your skills. You can contact to the professional and experienced artist or give the inspiration from the famous painting. Trust me, it will help you to improve your skills and knowledge.

  1. Price of your art;

Once you decide to sell your art then it’s time to fix the price of your art. Before fixing it is important to have a look on your competitor paintings and what price he is offering. Opinions of the people also help you to fix the best price. Remember, understand the mentality of your targeted it will really help you in deciding the accurate pricing for the art.


Some people Test the price of their art. Quick selling of your art is the intimation that you have to increase the price of your art if it is not then you shouldn’t increase. Test is very important you can display your sample painting to understand the market pricing. It is important to understand the buying power of your targeted audience.

The more you will be packed about the art knowledge, the more you will be successful in grabbing the attention of the audience! Art knowledge gives you better understanding on how to present the art and which art style audience prefer. Above mentioned tips will really help you to sell your art successfully.

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